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Monday, September 25, 2006

PR: Berry Supports Laws 22/9/06

Press Release
Stephen Berry

Berry Supports Laws

Auckland Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry has given his full support to Michael Laws following controversy over the Wanganui Mayor’s comments about the late Tongan monarch King Topou IV. “While certainly having difference of opinion with Law’s on some issues, I admire the Wanganui Mayor for his willingness to express his opinions without regard to the controversy that may ensue.”

“There is absolutely no doubt that King Topou of Tonga was an aristocratic dictator who clamped down on freedom of expression within his kingdom. The crony capitalist nature of commerce in Tonga is a disgrace and the banning of publications critical of the system is nothing short of fascism.”

Berry is also critical of comments by Helen Puhi Puhi of a Wanganui educational institute who maintains the “values and belief systems within the Tongan community need to be respected.”

“I have no respect for those who elected Hitler, nor those who supported Mussolini. To suggest that I respect those who believe in the absolute monarchical system of Tonga is a disgusting political correctness. It would be laughable were it not so serious.”

“In the absence of a libertarian candidate in the 2007 Wanganui mayoral election, I call upon Wanganui voters to re-elect Laws as Mayor of Wanganui.”


Stephen Berry
Auckland Mayoral Candidate


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