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Monday, September 25, 2006

PR: Pink Think Stinks! 25/9/06

Press Release
Stephen Berry

Pink Think Stinks!

Auckland Mayoral Candidate Stephen Berry has blasted the Eden Albert Community Board for its adoption of the Declaration of Montreal. The declaration is a list of requirements for the benefit of gay people created during the 2005 World Gay Games in Canada. Berry describes the declaration as “obscene and offensive.”

“The Declaration of Montreal is another wrist-flapping, politically correct document which infers the needs of a ‘minority group’ are of greater importance than the rights of individuals who aren’t part of this group.”

Berry, who happens to be homosexual, singles out some specific clauses in the declaration as reasons why “pink think stinks!”

Greater government action against hate crimes
“It is the right of every free individual to hate, and express hatred for, whatever they wish. If the expression of an opinion does not incite the violation of other’s rights , then its expression should not be restricted by the state. Also, the motivation for the committing of a rights violation should not be relevant. ”

Access to health care for the specific needs of GLBT
“What homosexuals do with their own bodies should not give them any right to the money of others. Inevitably it is the money of others that is used to provide homosexuals with this access to health care.”

Funding for sex-reassignment surgery
“If you’re not happy with your genitals, you pay for them to be altered!”

Stephen Berry saves his final barb for Maungakiekie Community Board Chairperson Bridget Graham who claims the declaration is favourable to “individual rights.” He says. “This is complete bollox. Supporting this declaration takes one aspect of many people’s lives and forces all those people into the collective ‘minority group’ box. I’m not a screeching queen scabbing money for genital alterations and I find it disgraceful that our local government politicians would seek to treat me like one.”


Stephen Berry, Auckland Mayoral Candidate, 0210375720


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