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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Press Release: End Historic Fascism!

Auckland City Council has announced its intention to schedule as historic places the following buildings:

*The former Carlton Club Hotel (now The Penny Black), 489 Kyber Pass Road, Newmarket
*The former Mt Eden Borough Council building and Fire Station building (now Nesfield House), 62 to 64 Valley Road, Mt Eden
*Mary Atkin’s Cottage, 73 Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama
*2 Castle Drive, Epsom

Auckland Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry today spoke out against the actions of the council. “Council intends to usurp control over these properties without buying them from willing sellers, destroying any sovereignty the owners may have had over their properties. That is fascism. Those members of the public who have bought these properties to the attention of the council are no better than Gestapo informants.”

Berry explains that the freedom of the individual must be absolute, in economic and personal spheres of life. “You cannot be the sovereign of your life without being the sovereign of what you own. By infringing upon one part of a person’s sovereignty, government is serving notice that it reserves the right to take away any other it pleases.”

“I’m not going to accept that my life is a product of government favour. I hope other Aucklanders won’t either.”

“Councilors like Glenda Fryer are a dangerous phenomenon in our political system. They talk of high ideas and good intentions, all the while backing them up with force. If she had any human decency, she would be backing up her good intentions with her own money by making an offer for the properties.”

Stephen Berry’s policy for the 2007 election is to support the rights of property owners to enjoy their properties as they wish on the condition it does not infringe the right of neighbouring property owners to do the same. “A heritage of fascism is a heritage not worth preserving.”


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