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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Press Release: How To Save $11 Million 8/9/06

“To be an effective Mayor, popularity and monuments must be left by the wayside in favour of tight fiscal fortitude. An effective Mayor is prepared to make real steps to reign in expenditure and resist the urge for a collective cultural wank.” Auckland Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry today announced part of his plans to reduce rates and spending if he is elected Mayor in October 2007.

“Auckland’s motorway network must be completed and vital infrastructure, such as stormwater systems are decaying. However, the ever suffering ratepayer is not a cash fowl to be plucked at the leisure of council. Some serious belt-tightening is necessary and I am willing to do it.”

Berry has earmarked the following areas for an axing of council funding. The figures come from a council working party report to the arts, culture and recreation committee.

Auckland Philharmonia
Auckland Theatre Company
Stardome Observatory
NBR NZ Opera
NZ National Maritime Museum
Auckland Zoo
Watersafe Auckland
Surf Live Saving – Northern Region
Auckland Festival
The Edge

The candidate assures concerned ratepayers that this is only the beginning of his plans to cut council spending.

“Every cent that you earn rightfully belongs to you. The council has no right to it. While legislation prohibits the elimination of compulsory rate charges, I seek to reduce rates to as low a level as possible. This can only be achieved by reducing council functions to the bare minimum required by law and this is what I intend to do. If other activities cannot survive through capitalism or charity, they shouldn’t survive at all.”


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