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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nukes For World Peace?

Now North Korea has been defending its nuclear tests by claiming their membership of the nuclear club will contribute to peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. This isn't as silly as it sounds. Certainly, unless North Korea is invaded before it creates a strike capability it will become too dangerous to invade.

History shows that nuclear proliferation has contributed to peace. The advent of MAD (mutually assured destruction) as the result of a nuclear strike between the US and Soviet Russia proves this to be so. If both participants in a nuclear war are guaranteed to be destroyed then neither side is going to start one. The Soviet Union and the USA never went to war with one another because it guaranteed their own destruction.

So, perhaps it is best if as many countries as possible all get nuclear weapons. If warfare becomes a spark that ignites the destruction of the world as opposed to being isolated could this eliminate all warfare, leading to world peace?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

PR: Berry Flags Another $106 Million In Council Savings

Press Release
Stephen Berry
Citywide Development

Berry Flags Another $106 Million in Council Savings

The Auckland City Council has announced the purchase of a site on Ponsonby Road for open space at the cost of $7 million. This has been funded partially from contributions made by private individuals in Western Bays as well as the Auckland City Council citywide development fund. This fund will be used to spend $106 million over 10 years on the purchase of sites for more open spaces in Auckland City.

Auckland Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry has cited this $106 million fund as another means of lightening the increasing load the ratepayer. “With rates increasing at 14% a year there is no justification for the council wasting millions of dollars on purchasing open space that there is no true demand for.”

“The left will bleat about grey skylines and crammed residential areas for as long as there is the means to get other people to fund open spaces. If they’re so passionate about it, I invite them to put together their own money to purchase areas for open space. My thanks goes to those private individuals who have contributed toward the purchase of the Ponsonby Road site. My scorn to the local government leeches who contributed the money of struggling property owners.”

Stephen Berry is currently the only Mayoral candidate offering a wide ranging programme of rates, spending and council service cuts.


Stephen Berry
Auckland Mayoral Candidate 0210375720

Keisha Castle-Hughes Pregnancy

While reading the morning paper min the staff cafetaria at work, there was much hoo-ha among staff about the pregnancy of Keisha Castle-Hughes. Comments such as "she's too young" and "she's ruined everything she had going for her" were the main, as one would expect in your average workplace cafetaria.

However I don't believe those that think this way have properly looked at the issue beyond your average knee jerk response. My belief when it comes to kids is that if you can't feed 'em you don't breed 'em. As Castle-Hughes is an Oscar nominated actress, I suspect that she probably can feed 'em. If the baby were going to be a drain on the ever sufferring taxpayer then I would advocate that the mother take steps to ensure this isn't the case. Of course none of the papers have touched on this, preferring to make a scandal about her young age.

Her age (16) is of course what is triggering the emotive response in workplace cafetarias around the country. Unlike most teen pregnancies though, this doesn't appear to be yet another push down the rocky slope. Keisha is not, at this stage, going to be a single mother. She has been in a relationship for the last three years with a guy who seems to be as thrilled as she is at the pregnancy. One would also assume that someone with the life experience Keisha has is going to be a bit more mature than your average sixteen year old mother.

I say leave her alone. If it isn't draining your pocket, it's none of your bloody business!

PR: Wasted Lane? 6/10/06

Press Release
Stephen Berry

Wasted Lane?

Money being spent by the Auckland City Council on advertising thanking Aucklanders for staying out of bus lanes has prompted Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry to release part of his transport policy for Auckland.

“The council claims the bus lanes are keeping Auckland moving, but this is hard to believe when I sit in traffic while buses woosh passed in the bus lane. It leads me to wonder whether these bus lanes could be contributing to the gridlock problems of the vast majority of Auckland’s road users.”

Berry is unashamedly pro-motorist and glad to not have to subject himself to the public transport system. “I used buses for years and they are absolutely crap.”

The candidate also believes that should he be elected Mayor, bus lanes may lose their relevance anyway. “Public transport has long been heavily subsidised because it may not survive on its own in the market. Poor services traditionally crash and burn when their levels of patronage make them uneconomical. I don’t believe anyone should be forced to subsidise the choices of anyone else so I intend to throw public transport out to the market and leave it to support itself.”

“As far as the issue of bus lanes, I believe that in the context of state ownership of roads, those who pay the state effectively own the roads. I also believe that people should be able to decide what they do with their own property. Therefore I am proposing a referendum for Auckland residents to decide whether bus lanes should remain or be converted into clearways for use by all transport.”


Stephen Berry
Auckland Mayoral Candidate