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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Keisha Castle-Hughes Pregnancy

While reading the morning paper min the staff cafetaria at work, there was much hoo-ha among staff about the pregnancy of Keisha Castle-Hughes. Comments such as "she's too young" and "she's ruined everything she had going for her" were the main, as one would expect in your average workplace cafetaria.

However I don't believe those that think this way have properly looked at the issue beyond your average knee jerk response. My belief when it comes to kids is that if you can't feed 'em you don't breed 'em. As Castle-Hughes is an Oscar nominated actress, I suspect that she probably can feed 'em. If the baby were going to be a drain on the ever sufferring taxpayer then I would advocate that the mother take steps to ensure this isn't the case. Of course none of the papers have touched on this, preferring to make a scandal about her young age.

Her age (16) is of course what is triggering the emotive response in workplace cafetarias around the country. Unlike most teen pregnancies though, this doesn't appear to be yet another push down the rocky slope. Keisha is not, at this stage, going to be a single mother. She has been in a relationship for the last three years with a guy who seems to be as thrilled as she is at the pregnancy. One would also assume that someone with the life experience Keisha has is going to be a bit more mature than your average sixteen year old mother.

I say leave her alone. If it isn't draining your pocket, it's none of your bloody business!


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