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Sunday, October 08, 2006

PR: Berry Flags Another $106 Million In Council Savings

Press Release
Stephen Berry
Citywide Development

Berry Flags Another $106 Million in Council Savings

The Auckland City Council has announced the purchase of a site on Ponsonby Road for open space at the cost of $7 million. This has been funded partially from contributions made by private individuals in Western Bays as well as the Auckland City Council citywide development fund. This fund will be used to spend $106 million over 10 years on the purchase of sites for more open spaces in Auckland City.

Auckland Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry has cited this $106 million fund as another means of lightening the increasing load the ratepayer. “With rates increasing at 14% a year there is no justification for the council wasting millions of dollars on purchasing open space that there is no true demand for.”

“The left will bleat about grey skylines and crammed residential areas for as long as there is the means to get other people to fund open spaces. If they’re so passionate about it, I invite them to put together their own money to purchase areas for open space. My thanks goes to those private individuals who have contributed toward the purchase of the Ponsonby Road site. My scorn to the local government leeches who contributed the money of struggling property owners.”

Stephen Berry is currently the only Mayoral candidate offering a wide ranging programme of rates, spending and council service cuts.


Stephen Berry
Auckland Mayoral Candidate 0210375720


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