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Sunday, October 08, 2006

PR: Wasted Lane? 6/10/06

Press Release
Stephen Berry

Wasted Lane?

Money being spent by the Auckland City Council on advertising thanking Aucklanders for staying out of bus lanes has prompted Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry to release part of his transport policy for Auckland.

“The council claims the bus lanes are keeping Auckland moving, but this is hard to believe when I sit in traffic while buses woosh passed in the bus lane. It leads me to wonder whether these bus lanes could be contributing to the gridlock problems of the vast majority of Auckland’s road users.”

Berry is unashamedly pro-motorist and glad to not have to subject himself to the public transport system. “I used buses for years and they are absolutely crap.”

The candidate also believes that should he be elected Mayor, bus lanes may lose their relevance anyway. “Public transport has long been heavily subsidised because it may not survive on its own in the market. Poor services traditionally crash and burn when their levels of patronage make them uneconomical. I don’t believe anyone should be forced to subsidise the choices of anyone else so I intend to throw public transport out to the market and leave it to support itself.”

“As far as the issue of bus lanes, I believe that in the context of state ownership of roads, those who pay the state effectively own the roads. I also believe that people should be able to decide what they do with their own property. Therefore I am proposing a referendum for Auckland residents to decide whether bus lanes should remain or be converted into clearways for use by all transport.”


Stephen Berry
Auckland Mayoral Candidate


At 6:49 AM, Blogger libertyscott said...

NZ is the only country I know of that only lets buses use bus lanes. Taxis use them in the UK, which makes a world of difference, reducing congestion, fuel consumption and supports people not using their cars and parking - so is both green and more efficient.

Another step is letting trucks use them because they pay far more to use the roads per km in RUC than any other vehicles. So let trucks and taxis use them for now, until you can toll the lanes, gets them far better utilised and the buses would hardly notice - they would be "commercial vehicle" lanes.


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